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The Modern Form of Communication

The ways we communicate have changed drastically over the past few decades. At one time, communicating with someone was a very deliberate decision as it required more thought and effort than simply pressing a button.

Since modern communication often gets diluted into tiny, fragmented sentences and incomplete ideas, it is easy to feel disconnected. One way to reconnect is by having a personal renaissance of communication with your friends and loved ones.

Did you know that before the days of instant messaging, sending flowers was a common way to communicate? Our florists at Conroy’s Flowers Thousand Oaks offers flower delivery in Thousand Oaks, CA, to reignite the tradition of sending a message in a carefully arranged bouquet.

In the Victorian Era, many topics were forbidden in polite conversation, and it was taboo to make direct inquiries. As a result, sending flowers became a way to discretely communicating. In fact, during this time, meanings were assigned to flowers and documented. Flower dictionaries were incredibly popular, and floriography, the language of flowers, made flowers all the rage.

We may not live in the Victorian Era, but our flower delivery in Thousand Oaks, CA, has just as much meaning. Let our flower delivery in Thousand Oaks, CA, communicate romance, friendship and admiration. Our flower delivery in Thousand Oaks, CA, can be sent for any event and to say whatever your heat feels.

As this winter season makes the colors appear more crisp and vivid, consider giving someone special an extra splash of color and a memorable message with our convenient flower delivery in Thousand Oaks, CA.

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